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  • December 31, 2014

Updated January 31, 2015

I have spent hours researching gluten free products that are easy to find on grocery shelves. No special aisle or trip to a specialty store required. By research I mean… Located and spoke to first hand sources regarding the gluten-free-ness of products. I am annoying… I usually Google, email and/or call companies to confirm heir gluten-free-ness. (If I keep say gluten-free-ness it might catch on, right?). This is a labor of love for my son who was diagnosed with celiac disease at 18mo. I chose to share these products with y’all to make others lives easier, instead of keeping it locked up in a spiral notebook in my kitchen.

remember I am just a mom, not a doctor or manufacturer. Everyone’s gluten tolerance is different, so research yourself if you are super sensitive. At this time Captain is ok with products labeled gluten free or shelf stable free of gluten.

Manufacturers change ingredients, so always read labels!!!

If you have any insider info or have check the gluten-free-ness of products, let me know and I will add it! Sharing is caring!

I will update this post periodically with info regarding the gluten-free-ness of products I have researched. So bookmark or pin this link to check back. Check here for GLUTEN FREE Lists and Products!


Link to B&G www site with GF list here.

Ortega- many salsas, beans, and sauces are GF. I cross referenced with the gfoverflow website. 

Emril’s Brand- salad dressings and sauces. 

Betty Crocker: she owns a lot of companies… Green Giant, Fruit By the Foot, General Mills (see list below), Yoplait, & Progresso… check out this PDF for a 10 page list!

Some of our favorites are:

Progresso Soup- check out this list too! 20 soups are GF, 10 of those are DF too!

Yoplait Yogurt- so many are GF check the PDF list above.


Another mega-company with an awesome PDF to list their GF products. Ironically, there is nothing Cambell’s on the list.

I am an Apple user, so I just download the PDFs into iBooks in case I need to reference it at a store and have no signal. Campbell’s owns Swanson, Prego, Pace, V8, Peppridge Farms. Here are some we have tried:


Hunts, Oreville Redenbacher, ActII, Egg Beaters, Hebrew National Hot Dogs, Peter Pan Peanut Butter, Redi-Whip, Swiss Miss, Ro tel, PAM, Wesson, Parkay

Here is what I found on their website. They are also working to remove BPA lining . Super soy sensitive FPIES parents rejoice! BPA is soy. It leaches into the contents of the can. Baby Bee will NOT be eating anything from a BPA lined can.

General Mills -Betty Crocker

_Chex_ (all but the one labeled wheat)

Dora and Deigo Cereal


Heinz, Jack Daneils BBQ, Classico Pasta Sauce, Ore-Ida, Smart Ones, TGIF

Find huge list of gluten free product by Heinz here. Super helpful to have this all in one place. Classico Sauces are all GF.

Honorable mentions are…

Send Me Gluten Free: Gluten Free Subscription Box](

Hidden Valley

Bad Joke Alert: if the valley was hidden, how did they get the ranch out? Lol

Good news they got GF ranch out! And it is labeled GF. Here is what their site says…

Many of Hidden Valley’s salad dressing are GF and the label will include a yellow and green “gluten-free” check-mark circle. A consumer services rep at Hidden Valley told me the company does not disclose the source of its distilled vinegar. What is with the vinegar mucking up everything!

I love salad and Hidden Valley Farmhouse, nom nom nom!

Check here for GLUTEN FREE Lists and Products!


We have dear family friends with connections to Hormel. I have asked about a few items, but their website clearly lists all GF products. They call many products like _Chi-Chis _Tortilla chips “ Shelf-Stable Foods Without Gluten Containing Ingredients” the list can be found here. Brands Hormel owns are Chi-Chis, Herdez, Dinty Moore, House of Tsang, Jeanie-O, and Farmer John. 

Our favorite Hormel product is the Natural Choice lunch meat, it’s GF, Top 8 Free and 100% meat.


At this time Jennie-O has many gluten free products. Click the link here. I also found that when l looked up additional products I found more gluten free products. Not sure why this is occurring, but when I emailed Jennie-O they said that they will address this issue. Our favorite Jennie-O products that are gluten free are many of the Deli Favorites lunch meat, while turkey, turkey meatballs and Sweet Italian Lean Turkey Sausages. Check out my Italian Sausage Skillet.

La Preferida

We eat these beans on TacoTuesday. Their ingredient list seems naturally gluten free, but their website doesn’t state anything. I emailed them 52013 and they replied that they use plain English to note gluten containing ingredients and that the 3 items listed below are GF. 


The have no list of GF products. They state that their ingredients are in plain English, so any gluten containing item would be printed on the label. That being said IDK what the plain English is for natural flavors. They do label their source for food starch, which is helpful.


McCain has an interactive site here that you can click select allergens and discover which products are notsafe. I think that is kind of backwards. The plain unseasoned straight cut and crinkle cut fries are gluten free, as are McCain Smiles.


Check out this for product search list here. Some of the items are gluten free certified. This is just an example of a search. Always double check packaging as things change fast

And click here for McCormick GF recipes.

They now have 4 mixes labled GF - taco, chilli, brown gravy, and chicken gravy.  s They have many other product that are GF without the packaging and price tag. Here are a few…

Grill Mates- Montreal Chicken & Steak

Lawry’s- Santa Fe Marinade, Chicken Fajita Seasonong , Sloppy Joes…

McCormick Tarter Sauce, Celery Flakes all variety a of Sage, Cream of Tarter, Perfect  Pinch Salt Free Seasonings, Cocktail Sauce…

Kitchen Basics- Stocks

Zatarain’s- root beer flavor, horseradish,  Original Jambalya Mix, Jambalaya flavored with Sausage. My apologies- the risotto was not gf! Thank Patty!

Check here for GLUTEN FREE Lists and Products!


They are actually owned by Kraft and have no GF list, but…. I found this article when trolling the Internet. So I called the consumer number and they verified that the _Selects_ cold cuts are GF and preservative free with no artificial flavoring. Wahoo!

Pacific Foods-Organic

I love their website! It is so easy to use. You can click any combo of what they call special diets and get a safe for you product list. Go here.

Then you will see a list like in the top of my graphic below.

Now click what you need. I did GF, DF, SF. Captain only needs GF/DF but Bee is starting to eat more and I have doctors telling get me not to try any of the above with Bee until 18mo or older, so I have to learn to make safe family meals.  Here are some of my favs from my custom list:

Patak’s Original

You have to go through each product on their site, but it is clearly labeled gluten free when the term applies. I called and they informed me that cross contamination isn’t common due to their manufacturing process. My favorite _Tikka Marrinade_ is GF.


Coco and Fruity Pebbles aregluten free, check here.

That’s all for now!

I will periodically add posts as I learn new information to share!

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