Sensitive Mommy: 5 on Friday {B's Birthday}

  • February 26, 2015

Throughout March I will share the details of Baby’s Bee’s 1st Birthday- food, decor, outfit.. Today I’m more sentimental. 

A letter to Baby Bee on his 1st Birthday:

My Dearest Sweet Boy, 

Today is your 1st Birthday.  Your Daddy and I are so filled with emotions of joy, pride, uncertainty, and most of all love for you little man. We have experienced so much joy in raising you, handsome blue-eyed boy. Here are 5 things I want you to know about the first year God gave us with you…

  1. Those baby blues and sweet smile are  gold. You can get any one to bend to your will with a bat of those lashes and toothy grin. (you have 7 teeth, almost 8)  Keep that charm and sweet nature to continue making the world fall in love with you.
  2. You are loved. We love you and will love you forever, Sweet Boy. Your Dad loves to wrestle and tickle you. Your brother love to make you laugh and encourage your musical nature. And me, your Mom, I love your snuggles, smile just for me and the kisses. I also love that you said “Mama” as your first word.
  3. You are fighter! Since the moment your were born, maybe a few minutes before, you fought. You were the easiest baby in the NICU as you received care for minor complications. You still fight diaper changing. You do what you want, Stubborn Stinker Boy. No one make you do anything. And that’s ok, as long as you learn to be respectful.
  4. You are rare. You are more than just a fighter, you battle against food that is supposed to nourish you when it hurts you. You have FPIES, a rare cell mediated food protien allergy that most doctors don’t understand. Your dad and I held you much of your first year in order to comfort you, to take the pain you felt on the inside and heal it with our love.
  5. Our hopes for you are that you always smile, fight, feel loved and bring joy to others. We know you will make this world a better place just by being you!

Mommy & Daddy Love You!

Happy Birthday!

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