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  • February 21, 2015

This post will be arranged a bit different than other GF-Lists I’ve done (click the tab at the top for more lists). Today, I will first list cereals that are certified gluten free. Next Saturday,  I will list the cereals that are not “certified gluten free” but may be considered as not containing gluten.  Some companies do not certify that there products are gluten free for a variety of reason, but that does not make their products off limits for some people with gluten related sensitivities.

remember I am not a gluten free genius, doctor, nutritionist, or product manufacturer. Read labels for yourself, call companies if you just aren’t sure or are super sensitive. I will list products that are considered gluten free at today’s legal level, that is what Captain is comfortable with at this point with celiac disease. I am a mom researching for _her_ kiddo and sharing info with you, I like you, but I don’t know your gluten tolerance. Check for yourself if you are unsure. 

If the product is available at Abe’s Market I linked the Abe’s Market logo/ad with an affiliate link.

What does “certified gluten free” mean? Celiac Central states:

“There are several certifying bodies that offer gluten-free certification, and each has its own criteria to ensure safety for consumers. Typically, the criteria includes testing the gluten content of the finished product. The current systems for gluten-free certification require gluten-free products to contain less than 10 parts per million (ppm) (NFCA/GFCP, GFCO, QAI/NSF International) or less than 5 ppm of gluten (CSA Seal of Recognition). These requirements go above and beyond the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s threshold of less than 20 ppm of gluten, adding an extra level of assurance for consumers and an extra point of distinction for manufacturers.”

Now for the first  Gluten Free List of Cereal
52 Certified Gluten Free Cereals

Nature’s Path Cereals-  Not all varieties are GF, but all are non-GMO, organic, and vegetarian.
They have 19 varieties of cereal, granola, and oatmeal, but you must check for GF symbol and labeling because they do sell gluten cereal. I can find some of these are grocery stores, but also at Abe’s or Amazon. We buy puffed millet and quinoa which are GF but were’t on this link because they are considered puffed grains, not cereal, but we use them as cereal or like a porridge.

EnviroKidz Cereals-Nature’s Path GF, non-GMO, organic
These are Nature Path’s (above) kids cereals! We love them all! 6 kindsPeanut Butter Pandas, Lemurs, Koala Crisps, Gorilla Munch, Cinnamon Jungle Munch (pictured), and Amazon Flakes…. These can be found at most grocers and at Abe’s and Amazon online. Not too expensive.

Enjoy Life Cereals- they have 3 new cereals with Flax from a allergy and gluten free trusted brand! They can be found at Abe’s and Amazon, and a few specially grocers.

Van’s Foods- they now have 3 gluten free cereals and 3 granolas. I really like the Honey Crunch (pictured) but it is not very crunchy as the name would suggest, I like it though! I have found these at more specialty grocers, but also on Amazon and Walmart.

Chex Gluten Free Cereal-  All varieties are not  gluten free, but all GF cereals and oatmeals are clearly labeled.  They have 4 oatmeals, 2 granolas, 7 cereals.  No non-GMO or organic certifications here. Easy to find at all grocery stores and on Amazon.

ArrowHead Mills- has 5 certified gluten free cereals and oatmeals.  I have had a harder time finding these, but Amazon carries some of them, sometimes.  I have heard a few chattering complaints on GF Facebook boards that some celiac’s don’t like ArrowHead Mills. Take that info for what it is worth. We also buy puffed millet, which again is a grain to them not a cereal.

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Did I forget to add your favorite certified gluten free cereal to my list? Comment below and I will add it, thanking you of course, Remember these are certified, next list is cereal not containing gluten.

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