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  • March 14, 2015

So I was scrolling through random searches on Google one long FPIES night and found Kiss Freely. Imagine that, me trolling the internet at night with a cranky food-failing baby… #FPIESsucks

I am not a make-up or cosmetics kinda-girl. You wont’s find a lot of selfies, outfit photos or fashion chatting on my Instagram. So I am not even sure how my sleep deprived fingers got to the Kiss Freely homepage, but when I read the “Our Story” page from the founder Jennifer Kurko I knew I needed to contact her.

” Lacking options, I began making my own products.  After applying my first batch of lip balm, I kissed my daughter on the cheek.  We both rejoiced at the ability to “Kiss Freely.”

We began Kiss Freely to provide other families with a safe alternative and so that they too, may Kiss Freely. Jennifer Kurko, Founder

We have seen similar reactions after Mr. Sensitive and I have kissed both our boys. After Captain was diagnosed with celiac disease I got rid of all my gluten-filled cosmetics and lotions, but after Baby Bee came along all bets were off. Lotions and make-up that was safely un-glutened weren’t. Baby Bee has no known IgE mediated food allergies, but is incredibly sensitive to soy.  He often gets rashes after we apply lotions and my make-up irritated him.

Kiss Freely saves the day! All cosmetics and lotions are free of all top 8 major allergens, plus more, including coconut, mango, sesame, and avocado.  Now that is one awesome MOM!  Jennifer gets even more awesome– a portion Kiss Freely profits are donated to organizations that work toward the advancement of people with food allergies and FARE.”

Now time to learn about 3 products Jennifer kindly sent to me. This products were given to me as a mom and blogger for the purpose of a product review. All opinions are, and will always be my own.  See my FTC Disclosure.


This was such a fun surprise, as I am not a lipstick kinda girl. Usually it makes my lips feel sticky, tingly and gross, but Kiss Freely was light and smooth feeling, and no tingles. I received so many compliments on the pretty pink shade. I love it! You need to buy your Kiss Freely Lipstick! It comes in 4 cute colors. See my rare selfie’s wearing Kiss Freely on Instagram 


This was a a fun surprise, as it is not listed on the Kiss Freely website. Jennifer suggested I use the sugar scrub after washing my hands. It was amazing! I hope this shows up on the website soon!


The peppermint lip balm is a conditioning balm made with organic candelilla wax, squalene, jojoba and castor oils, sal butter, vitamin E and essential oils. It is gluten free, dairy free, soy free and vegan.  I am not a huge peppermint fan, but it was so soothing and not super greasy like of lip balms. Buy It! I am so excited to share Kiss Freely allergy-free cosmetic products made by an awesome mom, Jennifer. Check out the Kiss Freely website and find a favorite of you own. Tell me what you love! 


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