Sensitive Mommy: 2nd Step into Whole30

  • April 26, 2015

The program emphasizes making informed decisions when it comes to you food, being able to understand how the food we put in our body effects our overall health, and making good, clean, healthy food delicious! 

To get ready for our Whole30® I have organized some great links to help us understand Whole30®. This post may contain affiliate links, that means if you click it nothing happens, if you click it then purchase that item I may receive a small compensation, so thanks!

If you are just joining me on your  Whole30® journey, check out this post to explain more –>

Step 1: What is Whole30?

Step 2: Read the Program and Gather Resources

Pros & Cons Health & Fitness Magazine’s Pros and Cons to Whole 30 Live Science “Does Whole 30 work?Meal Plans & Recipes

Whole 30 Social Media People to Follow

Ready for the next step of  Whole30® ? Let’s get connected, tell the world, and find some  Whole30® love in the world of social media.

Step 3 & 4: Commit & Find a Support Network

Step 5 & 6: Get Your House Ready & Plan for Success 

Step 7: Start Your Whole 30

Thanks for visiting with me and learning a little bit more about Whole30®.

❤️️ Sensitive Mommy

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