Sensitive Mommy: Steps 3+4 to Whole30

  • April 26, 2015

Welcome if you are just joining me as a prepare for my first Whole 30! Whole 30 is a lifestyle change in the form or a dietary overhaul, which I discussed in Step 1: What is Whole30?.

I gathered more resources for you in the post Step 2: Read the Program and Gather Resources. We are now ready for steps 3 and 4!

Step 3 & 4: Commit & Find a Support Network

Time to make it official and find some support and encouragement!  
First, pick a date to start. Check the calendar for 30 days beyond that date to make sure you don’t have any extensive travel or social events that would make committing to you Whole 30 extra challenging.

For example, I will be attending the GFAF Expo on May 2 and there will be a lot of food. I am also “working” the event as a blogger and one would expect me to eat the food! I also want to be able to have a drinkity-drink on my birthday in June. (Whole 30= no alcohol). So I landed on May 13-June 15th. I have a small gluten fee food fair I enjoy attending during this time, but I Captain will just be able to save my sample! If he could write I’d have him start writing for this blog (C is not quite 4).  

Tell the world (i.e. social media,your friends, and family) that you are doing a Whole 30. Set a timeline for your Whole 30! This will keep you encouraged to do your Whole 30! I think this makes it pretty official for me, along with my Facebook, InstagramTwitterG+ and Pinterest posts. 

Like Sensitive Mommy on Facebook and comment on THIS post. and Tag yourself to the photo and it will show up in your newsfeed.

How will you tell the world and ask the universe to support you? Consult a doctor if needed.  Will you chat with your family, make a few phone calls to your friends, gather a co-worker or two to join you or help support you (hi co-workers!), post all over whatever social media you have (#whole30 so others can find you)….. There are lots of ways, but just tell people.

Why? To give you support, gather help, and to keep you honest. Whole 30 is considered a fail and must be restarted if you slip-up or cheat. This is because your body instantly reacts to the cheat foods and then you have to cleanse all over again. When you have completed a Whole 30 and If you choose to keep aspects of Whole 30 with more flexibility and options to cheat, go for it, just not during the 30 days you’ve dedicated to the Whole 30.  Save the images above or below and post them  to your social media!

You should have an Instagram account! Two reasons! First, here are a list of Paleo and Whole 30 Instagramners I love! Why? Because they can show you food is beautiful, delicious, and HEALTHY!  There are so many search #Whole30 #AIP #Paleo # CleanEats for great idea and inspiration. 

Whole 30 Social Media People to Follow

Second, get an Instragram account and upload photos of your food. It is so weird at first, but then it gets fun. I think it is is a great way to stop and think about your food. Is it healthy? Beautiful? Interesting? Snap a photo, write a quick comment about it,  and hashtag it with whatever you want. The “likes” will come in slowly, but it is nice to see!
Alrighty, are we ready to get READY follow me to steps 5-6. If you are reading this in real-time, I will post later this week the next steps. The links below will become live as they are posted. Step 7 will not be posted until after my first week of Whole 30!

❤️️ Sensitive Mommy

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