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  • May 6, 2015

Modern Table Meals are a wonderful, quick and healthy way to feed a busy family. Just rip open the bag, follow the simple instructions for a one-pot meal. You can add your own twist to each of the 4 yummy Modern Table Meals or enjoy them as they are.

The 4 varieties of Modern Table Meals are Italian, Mediterranean, Southwest, and Teriyaki. All varieties contain a healthy and protein-rich bean noodle, making it a complete meal even without a meat. They contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. All varieties contain a different type of bean noodle. Why bean noodles? Modern Table Meal chose beans because they are a great protein source, high in zinc, iron, folate, potassium, and so much more.

Modern Table and I got to know each other on social media and via Moms Meet. I was given samples to review. This post is my honest opinion of Modern Table Meals. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

Here is what happened when my Sensitive Family tried Modern Table Meals…

Mediterranean Modern Table Meal

(gluten free, contains milk)

This Mediterranean meal was the most adventurous for my family. Green lentil pasta, leeks, red pepper, carrots, and a greek inspired garlic herb sauce is not normally something I cook, but I found it to be the most adaptable of the Modern Table Meals. You could add chicken, shrimp, fish, and a variety of veggies to this refreshing dish.

I also think the Mediterranean Modern Table Meal is great served hot and cold. I can’t wait to try it chilled, mixed with a spring salad mix. Again, we didn’t see the need for the extra seasoning packet, especially when serving it to little eaters. I served this with salmon for a quick springtime dinner that was super healthy for my family. 

Italian Modern Table Meal 

(gluten free, contains milk and soy)

Our favorite was the Italian Modern Table Meal. The italian herbs and spices complimented the red lentil pasta with a perfect hint of parmesan cheese. We added a few gluten free meatballs to our Italian Modern Table Meal. We didn’t use much of the extra package of seasoning, as the base meal was flavorful without it.

Southwest Modern Table Meal

(gluten free, cottons soy oil)

We love southwestern-style food, so this was a crowd pleaser. Red lentil pasta, corn, black beans, and a roasted tomato chili-lime sauce. We found this pasta to be a bit too spicy for Captain and Mr. Sensitive, even without the extra seasoning packet. I may try to make this with less of the main seasoning. I think this would be great severed chilled with cubed chicken and chopped bell peppers for fast, heathy, colorful meal. 

Teriyaki Modern Table Meal

(NOT GLUTEN FREE, contains gluten and soy)

 I was very bummed to find this was the only Modern Table Meal that is not gluten free, so our family did not try it. The white bean and broccoli noodles sound very interesting and I love that a mom can sneak broccoli into a meal (Captain hates broccoli). From different reviews I’ve read, My recommendation is that Modern Table look into the gluten free version of soy saucce, but I am sure they have or will. Teriyaki Modern Table Meal, seems to be a very delicious and popular dish. Try it four yourself!

I highly recommend Modern Table Meals!  In my honest opinion, I do think that the extra seasoning packet is not necessary, but its extra… save it for another meal or toss it. I wish that all Modern Table Meals were Top 8 Allergy & Gluten Free, but I would love that for all food. It is just not realistically and feasibly an option for most companies. I can’t wait to see a GF certification on Modern Table products in the future too!  

Order one of each variety to try with your family. Purchase yours by clicking the amazon affiliate link under my review, or the link above. They are great when you are short on time, forget to take food out of the freezer, or just don’t feel like standing in the kitchen too long. These meals are faster, cheaper, and way HEALTHIER  than the drive-thru. In our gluten free home we need Modern Table Meals because we can’t do drive-thru meals or most take-out because Captain is becoming more reactive to cross contamination, Modern Table Meals  is this busy working-mom’s version of “fast food” for my sensitive family!

Which Modern Table Meal do you want to try? What flavors should the come up with next? Comment below.

See you soon!

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