Sensitive Mommy: Steps 5+6 Whole30

  • May 3, 2015

Welcome back if you are continuing on to learn more about Whole30! If you just found me on your Whole30 journey check out my first 3 posts to learn more info.


After reading through recipes and store guides, I went shopping! I wanted to buy some fun Whole30 approved or compliant foods to try out in recipes. You’ll want to test out a few recipes and foods to make sure you like them. There is nothing like starting a diet full of foods your hate…

Turkey Paleo Meatlof


You will cheat! And in Whole30, there is no cheating, you have to go back to…

Day 1.  Here are some foods I found at the store and already in my house:

*Remember- I’m a newbie at Whole30. I am not 100% sure it’s all compliant. 

Here are a few meals I made:


What?!?! I know what you are thinking. In Step 3 & 4: Commit & Find a Support Network I said pick a date and commit. That is still true, but if you ever gave up 1 or more of the following food groups or even just soda, you know how rough that withdrawal and detox can be for your body. So I repeat- START! 

How did I start? I was already trying to cut the soda and it was working until Baby Bee got a tummy virus. I also started reducing sugar, dairy and soy. I already don’t eat gluten, but I started to ween myself from my gluten free and pseudo grains. That last part is challenging, but I trying new recipes from step 2 helped a lot. 


Now take what you’ve learned, gathered, and bought and plan. Meal Plan! When you are cooking foods from scratch, especially new foods and in new ways you need a plan. Don’t forget to plan what you  need to feed others in your home.

Many of my tests didn’t go over well with my boys, so I’m going to have to meal plan meals with Whole30 ingredients that the boys will eat by adding there foods and being organizing. Meal Planning will also help you save $ and get your shopping done faster! You won’t forget your ingredients with a combo meal/grocery planner like this. Why can’t your plan be cute? Here are a few cute meal planning templates:

Heart Made Blog
Craft Sew Create

I’ll show you mine in Step 7: Start Your Whole 30 when I start May 15th! If you are here after that day, click to discover what I ate!

Are you ready for Whole30? If you are let me know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If you are not ready and need some help comment below or any of my social media above.

See you soon! 

Sensitive Mommy

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