Sensitive Mommy: 10 Gluten Free Lunches with Re-Play

  • July 21, 2015

When I started having children I never once dreamed of the feeding and cooking chaos I endure to feed a preschooler with celiac disease and a toddler with FPIES. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the hand we’ve been dealt, but most of the time I love finding or creating foods my boys love.

New and delicious food only tastes better on fun dinnerware. Re-Play sent me a few divided plates and utensils to try out. Lucky us! This stuff is amazing, check out our review here. 

I was inspired by the exciting colors of Re-Play to create 10 Gluten Free Breakfasts & 10 Gluten Free Lunches that Captain can enjoy and practice his number recognition, counting and one-to-one correspondence. Sensitive Mommy happens to be a teacher. I also will show you what I feed my FPIES Toddler Food on Re-Play plates.

Let’s see what was for lunch…

  1. Hot dog (GF options), 1 peach, and veggie sticks look like the number 1.
  2. Rolled turkey with 2 turkey pepperonis, 2 biggest strawberries, 2 halves of gluten free bread.
  3. 3 GF chicken strips, 3 green grapes, 3 red grapes, 3 pretzels, & 3 Fritos Gluten Free Chips.
  4. Smart Flour Pizza Slices, 4 Cheeky Monkey Peanut Butter Puffs, 4 grapes. We use our Pick-Ease! Buy your Pick-Ease here:
  1. Pizza Mac & Cheese- I make gf df mac & cheese, sprinkle with Italian seasoning, & top with 5 pepperoni. He also had 5 chips and 5 pear slices.
  2. 6 gluten free dairy free quesadilla pieces, we used Aldi gluten free tortilla and daiya. Served with 6 blue corn chips & guacamole. Our fav is Rainbow Guacamole.
  3. Chicken pieces, 7 grapes, 7 veggie sticks, 7 Annie’s gluten free snicker doodle cookies. We also sang 7 (5) Little Monkeys Singing in the Trees… Crocodile needed to photographed!
  1. Octopus hotdog with 8 legs, 8 strawberries, & 8 Terra Chips.
  1. Chicken nuggets and French dressing & 9 buttery noodles.
  1. Chicken bites, 10 carrot chips, and rice.

See my review of Re-Play tableware on the 10 Gluten Free Breakfasts post.

Buy them here:

Check out 10 Gluten Free Lunches & FPIES Toddler Food.

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Check out 10 Gluten Free Lunches & FPIES Toddler Food.

Happy Eating!

Sensitive Mommy

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