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  • July 15, 2015

We really love pizza, out problem is finding gluten free pizza. At the GFAF Expo we discovered Smart Flour Foods Pizza. We were happy to try their gluten free pizza samples, but sad they didn’t bring their pizza crusts plain.

Smart Flour Foods sells delicious, pre-made gluten free frozen pizzas with wonderful toppings and high quality ingredients. Unfortunately for Captain they use traditionally dairy cheese, which he really can’t tolerate much of. He can have a little without GI consequences. Smart Flour Food sells an amazing ancient grains pizza crust, but I can’t find it. Celiac’s disease is hard enough for Captain, but adding dairy sensitivity is just annoying. 

After my review of the GFAF Expo in Chicago Smart Flour and I began talking on Instagram about their pizza crusts. I decided to work with Smart Flour foods because they use high quality ingredients and ancient grains. They sent me vouchers for pizzas and the location of the nearest locations. 

Off Captain, Bee and I went on our adventure of the illusive gluten free pizza crust. First, the location of the store moved. Next, they had the Smart Flour gluten free frozen pizzas, but they didn’t have the plain pizza crusts and couldn’t order them. We decided to try the frozen Smart Flour Food Pizzas (with dairy) for the purposes of this review. 

Review of Smart Flour Food Pizza:

Seriously Delicious! I really love Smart Flour Pizzas. From their high quality ancient grains to their uncured pepperoni free of preservatives, the quality of Smart Flour Foods pizza is leaps and bounds above their competitors. 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 55 stars

Price: $9.99

Higher than gluten containing pizzas, but within the average range for gluten free pizza. 

Here is how we enjoyed our Smart Flour Pepperoni Pizzas:

So here is the big question… 

Would you buy Smart Flour Foods Pizza?

Maybe. While I really enjoyed the pizzas from Smart Flour Foods this blog (and my   world) isn’t really about me. Captain my #celiackid needs dairy free options that are easily found. I haven’t given up on trying to find Smart Flour Foods original pizza crusts so I can make and Sensitive Mommy pizza on Smart Flour Foods. The illusive quest for Smart Flour Foods pizza crust continues …

Maybe I should start planning vacations around finding gluten free goodies LoL I don’t vacation with a celiac preschooler and FPIES toddler.

Have a great day!

Sensitive Mommy

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