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  • July 23, 2015
Necessity breeds creativity.

What can you make from carrot, spinach, pear, maple syrup, millet, canola oil, baking powder, potato starch, puffed potato products and turkey? More than you’d think.


Having an toddler with FPIES stinks. You can read about our journey [here](, [here]( Baby Bee is 17mo and he can only eat the 10 foods listed above + Neocate, an amino acid based formula. No two FPIES kids are created equal, so do what works for your kiddo. If you want any help finding ideas holler at me on [Facebook]( or I[ns]([tagram](
When he was a baby he didn't care what I fed him. Now, my little spitfire wants everything daddy and brother have. Ugh! I have to be super creative and resourceful.  I also want make sure he is developing his self-feeding skills. Re-Play sent us a few products to try out (read more here). They were perfect for Bee! 
Re-Play Products are made from recycled milk jugs and designed to meet the need of your little eaters. The higher walled side make food stay put while little finger mash around. Re-Play utensils are specifically designed to aid in little hand scooping, yet they are safe too. Bee loves his new plates. 
[Sensitive Baby](

Although the foods and meals below are made to meet the need of Baby Bee, they are healthy and toddler-friendly food items for all kids. When people learn of Bee's limited diet they question his health, which saddens me because I do all that I can to make sure my kids are healthy. Bee is a very healthy and happy kid eating on a restricted diet. I know it's hard to believe, but he is - I promise. 
Here are some FPIES Toddler ideas:

1\. Steamed carrot chips, diced Applegate turkey sausage links, & canned pear with no BPA lining. Did you know BPA lining contains trace amounts of soy. Bee is acute to soy, so can lining is out. 
2\. Carrot chips steamed and drizzled with 100% pure maple syrup, shredded Applegate deli turkey, peary cake balls. Cake ball recipe coming soon! Still having  trouble getting a the recipe to work every time.
3\. Applegate uncured turkey hotdog chopped up with carrot and pear. Bee hates hot dog BTW. Millet spinach & pear cake balls. 
4. Applegate turkey sausage links, shredded deli turkey, CheeCha Puffs, and spiralized zucchini and carrot. Zucchini was a chronic fail after day 7.
5\. Shredded homemade roasted turkey, canned pears, & savory millet pancakes made with turkey bone broth and spinach. 
6\. Chopped cake ball and turkey sausage, whole pear, & carrot chips. 
7\. Millet pancakes topped with pear-spinach puree, steamed carrot slices, & a failed attempt at puffed millet bar/cookie. 
Puffed millet can also be eaten as a cereal.
8\. Roasted turkey, zucchini, and my baby puff recipe using millet and Beechnut pears. [This recipe]( works really well with quinoa a fellow FPIES mamma to me! 
9\. Millet pancakes topped with Plum carrot puree and half of a pear. Bee can only eat baby food without additives like citric acid. I make a lot or buy the brands mentioned.

10. Spinach leaves (not his fav but I try), spinach-pear cake balls, and a carrot-pear hash I tossed canola in frypan.

11\. Freeze Dried pears, CrackleSnax Potato Crackers, and diced turkey sausage bites. CrackleSnax are actually pretty tasty.
12\. Same as above. It is his breakfast nearly every day. I don't mess with breakfast too much because when I am working I don't have time to convince him to eat.
13\. This was Bee's first trial day of turkey. We used Applegate deli turkey. Did you know that the deli turkey has different ingredients than the packaged lunch meat? It does, which rules out packaged meat for Bee.
14\. Silver dollar maple millet pancakes, cold carrot slices, and Cracker Snax.
15\. Chopped zucchini (fail), carrot slices that were steamed in pear juice because Bee has been picky. 
16\. Pear, spinach-carrot-pear puree, and millet pancakes with turkey bone broth.
17\. Pear-millet pancakes with a pear baby food he demanded. Lol they are his favorite post-food fail. We buy in bulk on Amazon. 
[I won't take the FPIES Recipe Challenge](
Here is a new food we are introducing...
I hope you found a food or 2 to try with your toddler. If you need help finding safe foods or recipe with limited ingredient message me on Facebook or Instagram and I will help. [Corny Cakes]( were invented for an FPIES little girl. I was so excited to help. 


Best Wishes! 
Sensitive Mommy
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