Sensitive Mommy: 34 Paleo & Whole30 Breakfasts

  • August 7, 2015

As a person who didn’t particularly like breakfast, or even eat it most days, I knew my adventure into Whole30 would be challenging. I absolutely cannot eat the same breakfast for several mornings in a row. I like to make breakfast a bit different everyday.

When eating Paleo and Whole30 you need to be gluten free, grain free, dairy free, soy free, sugar/sweetener free, legume free… So cereal and waffles are not acceptable. We are gluten free normally because my son has celiac disease, but going 100% grain free is a unique challenge, that I love. I am a terrible baker, but love paleo baking, here is my paleo birthday cake. I can’t wait to make paleo waffles for breakfasts, but these 34 breakfast ideas are mostly Whole30 acceptable, which means no Paleo-fied pancakes and treats. 

Here are 34 Paleo & Whole30 Breakfasts:

  1. Paleo Egg Wrap with bacon and coffee. I transitioned my coffee from alot of sugar to no sugar before round 1 of whole30. I now drink coffee with a splash of unsweetened almond milk.
  2. Fried egg, bacon, spinach and Sriracha.
  3. DIY Mug Omelet with sausage and Franks Red Hot (whole30 compliant). And a Dirty the Kitty photo bomb.
  4. Paleo Egg Wrap with ham and spinach, with a side of hashbrowns.
  5. Omelet with spinach and ground turkey, with blueberries.
  6. Scrambled eggs with leftover veggies- zucchini and peppers. Side of blueberries. I save all leftover dinner veggies, even a teaspoon and throw them in my eggs. Waste not, want not.
  7. Paleo Mini- Muffins (recipe soon), bacon and green smoothie.
  8. Egg over hard with Frank’s Red Hot and leftover ground turkey and peppers.
  9. The original Paleo Egg Wrap. Yum!!!
  10. DIY Mug Omelet with spinach and side of ham. I love adding fresh or frozen spinach. Follow the directions in the link. This is a great to-go breakfast, just leave t in the mug and eat at stop lights.
  11. Paleo Egg White Wrap, use the egg whites in the carton for an easy breakfast. Follow the link for directions.
  12. Egg  over-easy with peppers. Grab whatever veggies are on sale to save money. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive, it just takes effort and creativity.
  13. Scrambled eggs with onion, spinach and peppers. A side of blueberries helps me through the sugar withdrawals on Whole30.
  14. Egg white omelet and veggies. Photo bomb by the dogs, they love eggs.
  15. Scrambled eggs and leftover fajita veggies with guacamole. Egg + Avo = YUM!
  16. DIY Mug Omelet with Frank’s Red Hot and Paleo grain free pancake. Just google or search Pinterest.
  17. Egg over-hard and fresh strawberries.
  18. Egg, ham, and fresh-picked raspberries. I haven’t found a Whole30 client ham yet, but I use this when I eat breakfast after Whole30.
  19. Egg, ham, and blueberries. I go for easy breakfast when I am at my in-laws. The eggs are so fresh, straight from the coop!
  20. Fried egg with spinach was all I could make with Baby Bee crying post FPIES food fail.
  21. Scrambled egg with zucchini and ham, side of apple slices. Apple really helped keep me full and satisfy a sweet tooth.
  22. Scrambled eggs and a peach. I scramble eggs with a little water and unsweetened almond milk.
  23. Scrambled eggs with fajita veggies is a favorite. This is my first baby Gracie photo bombing.
  24. An omelet that turned into scrambled eggs. Ha! Any tricks for keeping Omelets in one piece? Comment below.
  25. Egg over-hard bacon and strawberries.
  26. Egg over-hard with spinach, sausage, and onions. I love these flavors together.
  27. Messy scrambled egg bowl with tomatoes and spinach. The tomatoes made this fresh and light.
  28. Spinach omelet with trust Frank’s Red Hot.
  29. Almond Butter Banana Bowl. This was a great alternative to eggs. I have fallen head over heels in love with almond butter.
  30. Egg over-hard with Sriracha. On day 5 of my first Whole30 this egg tasted like heaven!
  31. Omelet and homemade turkey sausage from the Whole30 cookbook.
  32. DIY Mug Omelet and hash browns. Follow the directions in the link. So easy!
  33. Bacon, scrambled eggs, spinach and orange peppers.
  34. Egg over-hard on hash browns with avocado. Avocado adds healthy fats to your diet. I am learn healthy fat is a very good thing.

Which breakfast will you try? Any creative ideas for me?

Enjoy your moring!
Sensitive Mommy

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