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  • October 7, 2015

Hello Friends. I’ve missed visiting with you a few times per week. We have super busy over the last 2 months. Unfortunately, blogging takes a back seat to my family, career as a teacher, and even my doggies. 

I really wanted to take some time today to talk about Nutrexin Deodorant. I am an me never of Green Mom’s Meet, as a member and blogger. I was chosen to review Nutrexin Deodorant. I was so excited to review such a clean product. They sent me a lovely care package.  

Here are the products I was sent: 

I was asked to review the unique, aluminum-free, roll-on deodorant called Allum-Free Deodorant. Here is a little bit about the product from Green Mom’s Meet:

“Protect you and your family against sweat and odor, the natural way. Nutrexin Alum-Free Roll-On Deodorant offers reliable 24-hour protection with a balanced alkaline effect and does not contain aluminum, fragrances, preservatives, or artificial colors. Made with a complex combination of healing plant extracts for additional antimicrobial benefits, soothing skin moisturizers, and quick absorption, Alum-Free deodorant allows the body to naturally stimulate itself to effectively de-acidify and cleanse acids and toxins from our cells. It is also safe for all skin types, dries quickly, and does not leave a white residue.”

I love the natural and detoxifying properties of Nutrexium deodorant. The lack of yuck chemicals and ingredients I can’t even pronounce are a definite bonus. There has been some great research coming out in recent years about limiting the chemicals entering our bodies through our cosmetics, Nutrexium is leading the charge.

The pros of Nutrexium deodorant were that it really did not leave a yucky, white residue and it prevented a lot of perspiration for 6 hours.  I loved knowing I was not filling my body with chemicals too.  It was also a benefit that the Nutrexium deodorant is gluten free! I prefer all of my personal care products to be gluten free with a kiddo with celiac disease. 

The con was that it didn’t really last as long as I would have preferred. I work 8-10 hour days and need a bit more lasting power in a deodorant. I guess I could reapply, but I get so busy I’d totally forget.

Try Nutrexium Allum-Free Deodorant soon, you won’t regret making this choice. Use the code MOMS1015 to get 15% off your purchase. 

Thank for stopping in!

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