Sensitive Mommy

  • July 23, 2015
Necessity breeds creativity. What can you make from carrot, spinach, pear, maple syrup, millet, canola oil, baking powder, potato starch, puffed potato products and turkey? More than you’d think. [![](]( Having an toddler with FPIES stinks. You can read about our journey [here](, [here]( Baby Bee is 17mo and he can only eat the 10 foods listed above + Neocate, an amino acid based formula. No two FPIES kids are created equal, so do what works for your kiddo. Read More

Sensitive Mommy: Baby B's 1st Blue Birthday Bash

  • March 10, 2015
We did it! We survived our first year as parent to 2 boys, and boy did he make it challenging. We had great fun celebrating Baby B with family, in our home state of Michigan at my in-laws’ house. We live in Illinois but our families are all in MI. We all had great fun watching the boys run around, enjoyed eating fabulous food made by my father-in-law and myself, and we even had balloon fight. Read More

Sensitive Mommy: February 2015

  • February 28, 2015
This is part to to my list of 52 Gluten Free Cereals that are certified gluten free. For more info on what “certified gluten free” means go here or here. Today I will list the cereals that might- kinda- sorta- be not containing gluten, shelf stable without gluten, or not contain gluten ingredients. This is a glitch in the GF system. To become certified gluten free companies must follow a procedure to be approved from one or more of a few different organizations. Read More

Sensitive Mommy: 5 on Friday {B's Birthday}

  • February 26, 2015
Throughout March I will share the details of Baby’s Bee’s 1st Birthday- food, decor, outfit.. Today I’m more sentimental. A letter to Baby Bee on his 1st Birthday: My Dearest Sweet Boy, Today is your 1st Birthday. Your Daddy and I are so filled with emotions of joy, pride, uncertainty, and most of all love for you little man. We have experienced so much joy in raising you, handsome blue-eyed boy. Read More
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