Sensitive Mommy: July 2015

  • July 30, 2015
Ice cream treats are a summertime staple. Blizzard - Tornadoes.- Milk Shakes…. Whatever you like to call them, they are delicious. When you have a child, family member or friend with food allergies and/or celiac disease you can’t just go out and pick one up, just like most other food. Most ice cream shops don’t supply ingredient and can’t keep clean enough to avoid cross contamination. I decided to grab ingredients toake my little sugar bug, Captain, happy. Read More

Sensitive Mommy: December 2014

  • December 31, 2014
Updated January 31, 2015 I have spent hours researching gluten free products that are easy to find on grocery shelves. No special aisle or trip to a specialty store required. By research I mean… Located and spoke to first hand sources regarding the gluten-free-ness of products. I am annoying… I usually Google, email and/or call companies to confirm heir gluten-free-ness. (If I keep say gluten-free-ness it might catch on, right?). This is a labor of love for my son who was diagnosed with celiac disease at 18mo. Read More
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